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CrossFit is a physical strengthening and conditioning program that targets your core through multidisciplinary and inclusive workouts. By using and combining the best components of gymnastics, calisthenics, plyometrics, and Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit maximizes your results through short and intense daily exercise drills. The self-motivating workouts are intended to help optimize practical movement patterns that you’ll use throughout the day, which include squatting, jumping, pushing and pulling, carrying, and running. Revitalize your life and discover your inner athlete with CrossFit.

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Today's Workouts


Costume WOD!
Plus special 5:30 class with BBQ to follow!
The living get a 3 minute head start!
25 burpees for any zombie that doesn't catch a living person
25 burpees for any living person that doesn't survive.
Metcon (Time)
400m Run
50 Deadlifts 135/95
40 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Back Squats 135/95
20 Toes to Bar
10 Thrusters 135/95

Open Gym / Rest Day

Open Gym / Rest Day

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Halloween WOD/BBQ this Thursday 10/30 at 5:30pm

Please join us Thursday, October 30th at Outlier CrossFit to participate in our Zombie vs. Alive WOD! Please come dressed up as your best Zombie-self! We will be having a BBQ afterwards so be sure to stick around. Before the workout begins we will designate who will be alive and[...]

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