Please view the home of The Outlier Athletics Barbell club!
Olympic Weightlifting is a sport whose participants enjoy benefits such as increased athletic ability and improvements in body composition. The Outlier Athletics Barbell Club offers instruction targeted at promoting both strength development and technical mastery in order to ensure that these lifts are performed safely and effectively. We offer private and group classes to lifters of all levels and athletic abilities.
The Outlier Athletics Barbell Club coaching hours are Monday through Thursday from 4-7 PM and Saturday mornings.  However, you can use the barbell area during the hours the gym is open but there will not be a scheduled coach during those times.  The programming is always available even if a coach is not available. 
Pricing to Join the Outlier Athletics Barbell Club:
Unlimited: $50 (Outlier CrossFit members) $120 (non-members) Drop in fee : $25.00 E-mail Erwin at for more information.